Peace Conference

by Mountain Ocean Sun



Mountain Ocean Sun’s search for deep peace, heavy drones, and sound healing has found them jamming with Deerhoof in Detroit, starting an organic music society in the extreme tropical heat of the Matthaei Botancial Garden on new years day, and all the way back to their first performance at a 500 year-old buddhist temple in Osaka, Japan. Bowed strings, harmonium, indian shruti boxes, gongs, ghosts, sea shells and bells are the spirit tools that these elemental earth’s children bring to this sixty-four minute peace conference.

“Recorded on a mountain, in the woods, near a river, a lake, and the city, the summer air was heavy and we sweated a lot. When it was over I was blind. I was pummeled by the minimalixm”
War (livonia michigan 2009)


released September 11, 2009

Mountain Ocean Sun is:
Jean Cook – Violin, Viola, Shruti box
Hitoko Sakai – Harmonium, Shruti box
Daniel Littleton – Harmonium, Bells, Kubing
Warren Defever – Bells, Percussion, Gong

Daniel Littleton has spent years playing with NYC’s quietest band IDA, and is also a frequent Tara Jane Oneil collaborator. Jean Cooks a violin-veteran and has jammed with everyone from Jon Langford to William Parker and Assif Tsahar. Hitoko Sakai worked with Japanese noise artist MSBR for years performing, organizing tours, and writing about the Japanese experimental and noise scene before recently moving to the USA. Warren Defever runs an artspace in Detroit called the UFO FACTORY and probably best known for his work with His Name is Alive (4AD).

Cover photography by Ian Hawgood


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